Tourism a priority for new Iranian leaders

September 26, 2013by Brenda

Last week we received an invitation from the Iranian ambassador to the UN to attend a meeting on tourism and cultural exchange with the head of Cultural Heritage and Tourism in Iran. Rita attended the meeting in New York, which she said went really well and that everyone is working towards more tourism to Iran. They discussed issues such as what could be done to help improve tourism in Iran, what do our clients like about visiting Iran, and suggestions about future cooperation.

Caravan-Serai Tours currently has 1 or 2 groups go to Iran every year, and numerous private independent tours that we coordinate. Our clients always come home and ask themselves why did they wait so long to visit Iran? They are taken with the amount of cultural heritage and archeological sights to see, the hospitality of the Iranian people, the natural beauty, and other things such as the excellent cuisine, quality accommodations, highly qualified guides, and the fact that they felt safe there.  If you want to visit Iran, our next tour is in May 2014 and covers a broad swath of the country over 17 days. Visit our Iran page for more details.

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