Tunisia is Welcoming Tourists Again (still!)

April 12, 2012by Brenda Pierce

Tunisia is a small but fascinating country. You can spend a week here to see the highlights, or stay a little longer and really get into the treasures the country has to offer. Below are links to some recent news about traveling in Tunisia. Enjoy! And if you want to visit for yourself, give us a call and we can put together the perfect Tunisia experience for you.

NY Times Slide Show on Tunisia

NY Times: Tunisia After the Revolution

NY Times; Travel Guide to Tunisia

These are some photos from our group tour to Morocco and Tunisia in 2010.

Flower sellers in Hammamet

Walled city of Sousse

Walls of the fortress.

El Jem, near Sfax.
Chebika, in the mountains near the Algerian border.

Oasis at Nefta

Palmyre Hotel in Toezur

Cactus blooming in Tamerza

Local transport in the dunes

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