Tunisia – Where it all began

March 21, 2011by Brenda Pierce

This time last year I was visiting Tunisia with a small group of Americans, enjoying the Mediterranean and then the desert climate, the wonderful people, delicious food, and magnficent sites of this small North African country. This year we will visit to learn about the changes taking place and the recent revolution that brought down their president after 23 years of rule.

Travel to Tunisia next month with Caravan-Serai Tours to see where it all began. In mid-December 2010, the grumblings of frustration and discontent over un-employment, human rights, and police and ruling-family brutality exploded into full fledged revolution. The desparate act – a public suicide – of one man set the wheels in motion to bring down Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Tunisia’s president for the last 23 years. Protests grew and grew, with more people coming to the cities to join in the call for the end of the Ben Ali regime. On January 14, they got their wish as Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia. Now the people are in the process of rebuilding their government and preparing for elections as they begin a new era of democracy in the Middle East.

Our tour will focus on the most recent history of the country as well as it’s ancient roots. Visit Tunis, El Jem, Kairouan, Kasserine, Tozeur, Chebika and Tamerza, Metlaloui, El Kef, Dougga, Sbeitla, and more. To see the entire itinerary click this link: http://www.caravan-serai.com/tours/NewTunisiaApr2011.htm

April 14 – 23, 2010, $1650 per person, double occupancy, land only.

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