April 26, 2010by Brenda Pierce

We had our first day of sightseeing here in Tunisia, in the capital city of Tunis. Our day started in Carthage, which is a beautiful site. The views are spectacular, to match the importance of the site and it’s history. We also visited Sidi Bou Said, a small hillside town of white and blue buildngs, and lots of tourists. It is a cute town and will remind you of a Greek island village. The gardens and architecture are very enjoyable, as well as the views. We ended the day in Paris, I mean downtown Tunis, with it’s tree-lined boulevards and sidewalk cafes, not to mention all the signs being in French, it is easy to make the mistake. There is even a sort of Arch de Triumph, which is really one of the arched gateways to the old city, or medina.

The people have been welcoming and hospitible, but sometimes communicating can be a challange if you don’t know any French or Arabic. English is the third language here, but most people are fluent in French.

My computer time is limited so this is a short post, but there will be more to come! We are enjoying Tunisia, and will head south along the coast tomorrow. Hopefully I can add more then.

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