Welcome to Georgia!

November 1, 2012by Brenda Pierce
We have been in the Republic of Georgia for just 2 days and it has been an information and sight filled experience so far. I never knew there were so many layers to the Georgia history and culture. From the earliest civilizations on the Eurasian continent to the many invaders to a history of wine making that goes back thousands of years, Georgia is really an amazing little country.

We are at the Georgian National Museum which is worth a visit. It covers the earliest Georgia civilization through to the Russian invasion and Soviet occupation.

Here are just a few bullet points of interest that I haven’t had time to flesh out:

The Radisson Blu Hotel is the former Soviet Intourist Hotel.

As in Azerbaijan there are old Soviet apartment blocks that they have tried to clean up and paint different colors.

1.5 million people live in Tbilisi

In the former Georgia capitol of Mskheta we visited the cathedral where Christianity was first observed in Georgia. Kings and queens were coronated there and buried there. More on the legend of what happened later.

Georgians love to make toasts about all kinds of things when having a dinner party. Caution: its not one and done! Numerous toasts will be made and you wine glass will be refilled many times!

Ok, more to come later.

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