Wow! Time is really flying by!

July 10, 2008by Brenda Pierce

Time has just flown by this year. It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that we began planning our group tour to Iran for September. Now the tour is less than 2 months away. Pretty soon we will be sending off the passports for everyone to get their visas. We always get lots of questions about traveling to Iran, and I know that anyone who has gone there on a Caravan-Serai Tour has been amazed and deeply impressed by what they found there. The people are very welcoming and happy to talk to visiting Americans. The sights there are amazing, too. The Persian culture goes back over 5,000 years and the Iranian people are very proud of this. There is a lot to learn, see, and do in Iran and I hope that if you ever have any questions about traveling there you will call Caravan-Serai Tours at 800-451-8097. We are planning another group tour there in May 2009, but you can also have a private tour arranged for you as well.

When traveling to Iran there are some things to keep in mind. It is a dry country- no alcohol allowed. Follow a very conservative dress code (long loose pants or skirts for women and pants for men – no shorts, loose shirts or tunics with mid length sleeves or longer, or you can purchase a manteau – the Iranian cover that looks like a loose overcoat), especially for women and be sure to always have a scarf to cover you head. No prosletizing (not sure if I spelled that right!) – which means no preaching other religions or distributing literature about other religions. Saudi Arabia is very similar in these restrictions, but for both countries, these don’t interfer with your ability to enjoy the sights and activities available on our tours.

My part in these tours is to help flesh out the final itineraries, write the brochures, help with registrations and other tour administration. I will be helping to get the visa applications completed and obtaining the visas, and putting together final documents for the group. Once in while I even get to go with one of the groups!

This is just the start of our Caravan-Serai Blogs. Soon you will be able to read posts from us while we are on a tour, with the first being Iran. I hope you will enjoy this blog!


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